Vintage Baby Clothes for Seasonal Wear



Vintage baby clothes

Dressing your little angel in vintage baby clothes adds a nostalgic feel that we all love throughout seasonal times. Little Clothing Co can offer you some tips on how to dress your baby that are suitable for every season and factors to consider when purchasing clothing for your little ones.

Vintage baby clothes

What’s the vintage part in little clothing co’s vintage baby clothes?

Definitely not the part where it’s been passed down for generations, from siblings or relatives in the 80s or 90s. Little clothing co’s choices for vintage baby clothes are a conscious effort from us to attempt the ‘feel’ of these lines of apparel. Think of ripped jeans for modern world fashion, but make them worn out, washed off patterns and retro fabric styles such as polka dots or floral prints.

Fashion is cyclical, so things that are “out of style” become “in style” once again, and that’s vintage. With vintage clothes, you, as a parent, may feel nostalgic about the retro style selection, while your child can wear items that children in the current day don’t see very frequently.

Vintage baby clothes may also be thought of as what you wore as a kid, and how special and adorable a family picture with you and your baby ‘twinning’ from decades ago would be. 

Seasonal clothing ideas for your precious little one

In hot summers

When it comes to clothing for the weather, the most challenging season to handle – and one that many parents are most concerned about – is summer. When a baby is overdressed, they might get a heat rash. And vice versa, if you underdress them, your baby’s body may respond to the heat, resulting in sunburn or heat stroke. 

Keep an eye on your baby throughout the warmer months to make sure he or she does not overheat. Watch out for overheating, but always have a blanket or jacket with you to cover your baby if it becomes too chilly (particularly in air conditioning).

Clothing Tip:

When the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, we highly recommend that you dress your angel in only one layer of loose clothing to avoid overheating. Cotton clothing is breathable, which helps babies stay cool—and protects their skin from sunburn. Our clothing collections are 100% made from the softest cottons, linens, and knits.

You should also keep the baby in the shade as much as possible. Wide-brimmed hats are also an excellent way to keep the sun off your face and skin, providing additional UV protection.

For baby girls, a vintage floral cotton dress, and for baby boys, a striped cotton jumpsuit would be perfect for a picnic summer day.

In breezy falls and cold winters

When the temperatures drop, it’s important to ensure that the baby is dressed in several layers to stay warm and cosy. The general rule is to ensure that the little one is wearing one more layer than you are comfortable wearing—if you are feeling chilly, your baby is likely to be as well.

Clothing Tip:

When you’re indoors, a diaper and onesie, topped off with another warm covering (pyjamas, a swaddle, or a receiving blanket, for instance), will be sufficient to maintain the baby’s ideal body temperature. 

If you’re going outside, ensure that the baby is completely covered from head to toe—this includes a hat, thick socks, or booties. As with the ‘one additional layer’ advice above, tuck a blanket tightly around them in the stroller for extra warmth.

Things for mommy to consider when shopping for vintage baby clothes

Vintage baby clothes

There are a few critical elements to consider when shopping for baby clothes:


Just imagine you are welcoming an adorable little baby into your family. Your initial reaction is to want to outfit your darling newborn girl or baby boy in creative, trendy, bright, and occasionally pricey clothes to compliment the cuteness overload. 

However, sometimes those adorable outfits come at a greater cost than just money. Some can give your baby skin irritations, and typically, the fabric of the clothing is usually the culprit to blame.

Babies, the younger they are, the more extremely sensitive and vulnerable their skin is. As a result, when purchasing baby clothing, the majority of parents will go for cotton pieces. Thus, we suggest that you select textiles such as cotton (particularly organic cotton), soft knits and linens.

These fabrics are obtained from natural resources or are derived from natural resources and have excellent attributes that make them appropriate for baby clothing. Avoid neon colours, which may contain fluorescent substances. Vintage baby clothes with natural fabric dyes are perfect both for keeping your child safe from irritations and rashes, but also for giving the clothing that desirable ‘vintage’ feel.

Functionality and style 

When purchasing vintage baby clothes, it is also important to consider their functionality. Because babies spend most of their day napping, choose something comfy for them, such as cotton flax, vintage overalls with a comfy tee. Again, choose styles that are easy to put on and take off.

Another thing to take note of: do not spend too much money on clothing that your baby will rarely wear, such as elegant party gowns. A single or two sets for special occasions on a few days in a year is sufficient enough.  Limiting the number of newborn-sized outfits for newborns is important because, as we all know, babies grow fast. Choosing basic, comfortable, and vintage baby clothes is always a smart selection.

With little clothing co.

We are two mums who understand the importance of providing high-quality, comfortable clothing for their children. Which is why our line of apparel ranges with our two beliefs about clothing: timeless and comfort. We love retro designs with a bohemian and vintage twist. We don’t follow fads, instead concentrating on comfort and items that can be worn for a long time. 

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