How To Easily Organize Old Fashioned Baby Girl Clothes



old fashioned baby girl clothes

Like any fashion enthusiastic who is a new mum, you would want to shop for the cutest old fashioned baby girl clothes! But now that the old clothes are stacking up, whether from you, your baby shower, from friends and family, or from our newest collection 😉, it’s difficult to know how to arrange baby items.

Even though your baby’s clothing is small, it may accumulate quickly!

Check out some of the little clothing co’s ideas and techniques to help you arrange all of your baby’s clothing to help you stay on top of things before they get too out of hand!

How to Sort Old Fashioned Baby Girl Clothes

Arrange by size

First and foremost, sort your old fashioned baby girl clothes by size and arrange them in heaps to make the procedure go more smoothly.

When you’ve sorted all of your little cupcake’s clothing by size, hang them up or fold them. 

Store outgrown sizes

After you’ve arranged your baby’s clothing by size, you’ll find that she won’t be able to fit in them all.

If you want to hang them all anyhow, go ahead and do it! However, if you are limited on space or just want to be cautious with the space you do have, pack up and store older sizes of clothing that your kid will not be wearing anytime soon.

Storage bins for labels

Label the storage containers while you’re at it.

This way, when your kid outgrows their adorable old fashioned baby girl clothes and needs clothing that fits, you’ll know just where to look. This method allows you to quickly access your baby’s clothing in the future.

old fashioned baby girl clothes

Every three months, go over your baby’s clothes

Purge — or clear out — your child’s clothing every three months is a decent rule of thumb. Gather all of your baby’s clothing in the size that they are presently wearing. Then divide your clothing into three piles:

  • Clothes that are still in good condition
  • Clothes that are no longer fit
  • Clothes that your infant does not wear or that are soiled

When you clean her old fashioned baby girl clothing, you’ll notice that the majority of them are large and ideal for wearing on any occasion, while still being extremely occasion-aware and appropriate for her first few life events with her family.

Place a laundry basket in your closet

While we’re on the subject of your baby’s closet, we suggest adding a laundry basket (or two!) to it.

One basket may be used for the obvious: filthy clothing. Then, use the second basket to store clothing that no longer suits your child.

You may separate and sort as you go along with this technique. You’re already sorting on a daily or weekly basis without having to sit down and do it all at once!

Last But Not Least, Keep a Few Outfits

We’d like to remind you to have a few clothes on hand (especially the ones from little clothing co’s because your little angel would look too cute in them of course 😉 

We’re sure there will be certain old fashioned baby girl clothes that are impossible to get rid of! Your little one was too adorable, and you’re simply not ready to pass it on… and that’s OK!

Keep a few memorable clothes, such as holiday and birthday costumes, in a particular location. 

And now you’ve learned how to arrange baby clothing by now, including storage, purging, and donating options, there’s no holding you back from looking at more cute old fashioned baby girl clothes for your darling anymore. But even more, little clothing co is offering 10% off of your first order when you subscribe to our newsletter for more inspiration to dress your baby doll!

old fashioned baby girl clothes