Complete guide to choose your kids party dress in 2022



Complete guide to choose your kids party dress in 2022

Complete guide to choose your kids party dress in 2022 – Little Clothing Co

Imagine this, you and your best mate are invited to a formal wedding that specifically requires a dress code. It may be easy on you, but what about your kids? You don’t want them to either look like an 80-year-old granny or dress so vibrantly and ready to steal the bride’s thunder. 

See? Simple case, tough call. 

And this is just one of a million scenarios that can happen at any time of your life. 

We have to accept that choosing the kids party dress is a challenging assignment. They are energetic, consistently over the top. Usually, we will go with vibrant colors such as yellow, red, orange… to match their vibes, and people give them a pass since they are just kids.

But why should we dress them so ordinary when we adjust some details, and the overall is more fabulous? As your stylist, your Tan France (if you don’t know him, we suggest watching Queer Eye together), Little Clothing Co has something for you. Kids party dress will never be a problem anymore with this one-minute guide. 

Easy to learn, easy to apply. 

Complete guide to choose your kids party dress in 2022

Three principle rules to choose kids party dress in 2022

  1. Make Sure You Know The Concept

You may think this is exaggerating, but the concept controls every step below, literally. Usually, to make the party go with one united idea, the host would list their requirements directly onto the invitation. 

Even when they don’t talk about it, we could determine what element should appear in our kids party dress depending on the occasion. For instance, a formal wedding will need a traditional outfit; a long white dress would be lovely; while a year-end party wouldn’t want that boring white dress to appear. 

Here are three questions you will need to determine what should our kids wear:

  • What is the occasion?
  • Can you list three specific traits of the event? (Formal, elegant, emotional, energetic, etc.)
  • What dress code do people mention in the invitation?

Even if they don’t require it specifically, you can play it by ear. Based on the concept, the vibe, and the overall colors, you can flexibly choose the material of the kids party dress or your color chart. But make sure your kids don’t steal anybody’s thunder!

  1. Search for current trends

Fashion is a closed cycle; it will come back in less than twenty years. Ever since Friends cast made their last significant trend on the mass media with their individualism, people seem to go back to the roots, and right now, the current trend is like twenty years ago: grunge and excellent. 

No one says you couldn’t, but why not add some vintage breath to the outfit? We noted that fashion is a game; play it with your whole heart. If you’ve been keeping an eye on fashion trends for 2021 and the latest for 2022, the swathe of ’90s colorways and wide-leg trousers shows that vintage trends are making a solid comeback.

A vintage outfit consists of two fundamental elements: the material and the shape. When it comes to kids party dress, the material should be soft so the overall can be elegant but still match their characteristics, like corduroy, silk or cashmere, etc. It gives your kids a warm overall while staying agile.  

The same goes for the shape, don’t go with too dramatic cuts that concentrate on one specific spot or too intricate details like ruffles or collars. Which will distract people, try to choose a loose dress with simple elements for your little kids; a touch of sparking acetate in front of a plain but soft silk layer of clothing would be nice.  

On the other hand, a simple dress would be lovely, but let’s add some glitter to their outer layer since your kids are young. Remember, the only thin and soft fabric would go well with glitter.  

If you want some more tips on other materials like corduroy to look more autumn-like, check out our topic about how to dress your children in a vintage way.

  1. Tone the color down

When we say tone it down, we mean it! 

Under no circumstance should kids party dress be too vibrant cause it will look like a playground outfit. Hot colors like red, yellow, or orange can match their characteristics and boost their energies. If we go with this two-piece outfit, it will be inappropriate.

But if you think wearing a full-color dress is a better idea, you are wrong. What’s worse is, sometimes vibrant party dresses like scarlet, lapis, or Fuschia could make your child older than their actual age, which means they are overdressed. 

Saturated colors like we mentioned earlier are double-edged swords: they can boost your appearance by the stood out saturation. They can also darken your skin tone and worsen the overall. 

That’s why we usually see pageant girls with white teeth, light skin tones wearing those. We don’t mean to creep you out, but that’s reality. It takes a lot of effort to choose what suits you best, especially your beloved kids. 

Instead of scarlet with too much red, we can go with darker shades of red, like maroon or burgundy, or some lighter red like coral or orange-red. Darker shades like this are a perfect complement since they act as more delicate skin: their depth in color contrasts with your kids’ skin tone. Therefore their skin would be lighter. 

Using this tip, let’s go through some other examples: replace lapis with lighter cerulean, sky blue or darker like indigo; Fuschia could be replaced by rose pink, coral, or rouge; teal, forest green, or Sacramento are better than lime green…

You see, with just a tiny adjustment of saturation, the game has changed.

Cute and cool can be the best friend

After following these previous steps and your kids still look bland, I suggest one final alternative tip: accessories

Accessories are our best friends, so why don’t we let them befriend our kids? 

A pearl necklace or a white quartz bracelet is a simple accessory. Still, it can elevate the overall to another level due to their sparkle appearances: white, light-reflected, and affordable. 

A completed outfit just needs a straightforward accessory that adds another layer to the dress. Remember when mademoiselle Coco Chanel once said :

”Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Don’t forget; fashion is about comfort and love. Playing it with your whole heart could take you to a new horizon. Your kids party dress would only be lovely if they could comfort your children and make them feel confident. 

Depending on your kids, we can adjust as long as we play with them; if they don’t like forest green, check out minty green; if they want barbie pink, make sure you don’t add too much glitter. Using these simple steps, your kids’ appearance will be irreplaceable.

Little Clothing Co – Your Best Friend in Child’ Raising

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